Gönül Sen-Menzel
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KÖL-TÜR is an international group of artists founded in 1982. The group is being known for its various exhibitions. KÖL-TÜR was originally founded by Gönül Sen-Menzel and has hold meetings for artists for about 25 times regularly in the studio of Sen-Menzel on the Volkhovener Weg in Cologne. With the death of gönül KÖL-TÜR has lost her founding member.

On Junue 28, 2014, the group had planned a summer exhibition. After her death, this has turned into a memorial exhibition. KÖL-TÜR is still active.
Members of KÖL-TÜR
Gönül Sen-Menzel
Georges Herregods
Walter Theunynck
Alper Kara
Fatos Y. Dageförde
Juliette Daubner
Hüseyin Macar
Gila Dünnebeil
Bettina Marquard
Ute Kenzler
Irmel Pepperhof
Angelika Gurov
Friederike Graben
Guido Mario Mosler